If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy? If our love’s insanity why are you my clarity?

 I’m afraid of the word “soul mate” I don’t know why…just something about the word strikes fear into my heart. Maybe because every relationship I’ve been in that I’ve used the word in has ended within two weeks of me uttering or typing the word to my significant other of that time, maybe it’s because I’m afraid of committing myself to that one person… All I know is whenever I hear the term my heart rate drops and I feel the worst fear/anxiety I’ve felt in a long time. 


Wall Flower

Wall flower
Hey there anxiety, it’s been a while 

It’s really nice to see you again. 

Spiking up when I don’t want you. 

Acting up when I don’t need you. 
Hey there anxiety, it’s been a few hours

It’d be nice of you to leave soon…

I’m supposed to be having fun 

But I haven’t left the wall yet. 
Where’s my relief when I need it?

Where’s my help, cause I can’t see it!