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the whirly girl


Wait, whoa, what happened to May? It was here a minute ago.

All right, which one of you wise guys hit fast forward? Was it you? You’re sweating. I’ll bet you complain about the heat a lot, don’t you? Roll up the car windows and crank the air conditioning to icy blast. You probably refuse to draw a breath that hasn’t been remanufactured and refrigerated. I know you, you’re a summer hater.

Well, thanks to you and your kind I need a parka at the movies and hot soup in restaurants. Trips to shopping malls are arctic expeditions, minus the crampons. Grocery stores have the ambience of cryonic chambers. And from May through September, my lips are a ghastly blue. Please, for the love of God, step away from the thermostat.ice cubesWe’re not fish sticks.

Can’t we enjoy summer? Does every flipping minute have to feel like February? Cold doesn’t…

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